Privacy policy

Effective starting: September 23, 2021


Data controller

On behalf of Motitech AS and the daughter companies, the CEO of Motitech AS and the daughter companies are the data controllers for the respective company’s processing of personal data.

Purpose of processing data

Motitech makes every effort to only store personal data that are necessary for communication, maintaining client relationships, as well as business-related obligations subject to agreements with our clients.

We also use data to be able to provide you with information, offers and services in relation to your purchase or interests via email, telephone, text messaging, post and advertising.

Storing personal data

We store personal data of our customers and interested parties. In this chapter, we will explain which types of data are included depending on the role of the individual in their relationship to us.


In order to comply with our obligations in relation to interests, contract, sales and customer support on our systems, we store the following data about the contact persons:

  • name
  • email address
  • telephone number

any other relevant contact information provided by the customer or interested party (e.g. LinkedIn profile, postal address, etc.)


In order to comply with our obligations in relation to ordering films and managing cyclists’ performance, we store the following in our customer portal

User data for login:

  • name
  • email address
  • telephone number

password (encrypted)

  • Data related to cyclists and performance:
  • name (or other not necessarily identifiable information)
  • performance data, such as distance, time, resistance, etc.
  • User log (simply linked to licence):
  • chosen film and duration played (for statistics)
  • chosen music (for reporting of music rights)


When using our web services (e.g. and, we collect information which may potentially identify you as a person. This could be IP addresses, URLs (which in certain circumstances may contain identifiable information) or a unique number linked to your account.

We do not use this information to identify you, with one exception: where the case involves misuse (e.g. when reviewing log files), we can use this information to contact you with a view to remedying the situation. We can also use this information to block usage that is damaging to the service or to other users of the service.

For our web services, we also make use of cookies. This is necessary in order for the services to work in an optimal manner. We also collect anonymised statistics on the use of our web services with the help of e.g. Google Analytics. Read more about data collection in the chapter entitled Collection of personal data.

The basis for processing data

Contact information is used to fulfil purchase agreements and to communicate by interest. The basis for this processing of data is Article 6 (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Where you have agreed to it, the data will also be used to provide you with information, offers and services via email, telephone, text messaging and relevant advertising. The basis for this processing of data is Article 6 (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation. You can say no at any time to receiving such information from us.

Collection of personal data

We store those personal data you have provided us with in connection with your interest for, purchase of or use of our products. We also store personal data you provide us with relating to cost enquiries and other forms of contact.

When you visit our web pages or use our applications, we can collect information by using technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, analytical tools for websites and service logs.

In many circumstances, the information we collect via cookies and other tools are only used in a non-identifiable manner without any reference to personal information. For example, we use the information we collect on all website users to optimise our web pages and to understand traffic patterns for our services.

In some circumstances, we link the information we collect via cookies and other technology with your personal data. This privacy policy regulates how we use this information when connecting it to your personal data. We use cookies and other technology for the following purposes:

  • To remember you, when you log in to our web services
  • To remember country and language settings
  • To help us understand the size of audiences and traffic patterns and to manage and present information
  • To provide information specific to your interests
  • To manage web page information shown on the computer


Legislation on electronic communication requires that we inform our visitors about the use of cookies.

When you visit our web page, we place cookies on your computer. (Cookies are small text files sent to your computer or other unit connected to the internet by the web page to uniquely identify your web browser or to store information or settings on your computer.)

Cookies allow us to remember you when you return. They help us provide you with a customised experience and make it possible for us to recognise specific types of fraud. In many circumstances, you can manage cookies by changing the settings in your web browser.

All web browsers are different, so visit the “Help” section in your web browser to learn more about cookies and other data protection settings that might be available.


Pixel tags are small, graphic images placed on web pages or in our email notifications, allowing us to determine whether you have carried out a certain action. When you open these pages, or if you open and click on an email, the pixel tags will generate a notification about the action.

These tools allow us to measure the response to our communication and improve or web pages and communication.

Server logs and other technologies:

We collect different types of information from server logs and other technologies. For example, we can collect information from the unit you are using to gain access to our web page, i.e. type of operating system, web browser used, the domain and other system settings, as well as the language the system is using and the country and time zone in which the unit is located. Our server logs also register the public IP address for the unit you are using to connect to the internet.

We can also collect information about the web page you visited before coming to us, as well as the web page you visit after leaving our web page.

Provision of data to third parties

In order to fulfill our obligations under the agreement, necessary data may be provided to our partners. For example, this relates to contact persons when it comes to delivery of shipments, carrying out customer support, etc. Apart from this, we will not share, sell or in any other way provide personal data to others, unless we are legally obligated to do so.

From time to time, we are asked about other customer experiences. We do not provide such identifiable information without prior consent.

Use of data processors

We use some subcontractors for our processing of personal data. According to data protection law, such companies are data processors and process data according to instructions provided by Motitech in accordance with data processing agreements. The following companies are important when your data are being processed:

  • Digital Creations AS (Product development and operation, Motiview)
  • Lime Technologies Norway AS (CRM)
  • Hubspot (CRM)
  • Google G Suite and Cloud Products
  • Microsoft Azure

Deletion of personal data

Data we have received in connection with your interest or your purchase are stored in our customer database for three-and-a-half years from the last moment of contact or the termination of a customer relationship.

Data we are obligated to keep in accordance with accounting legislation will be stored up to five years, according to the requirements of the legislation.

Rights of the registered party

We process your personal data in accordance with data protection legislation and applicable regulations. It should be noted that you may request insight into or transmission of your personal data, as well as rectification or deletion thereof.

Complaints can be made to the Data Protection Authority where processing is not carried out in accordance with the rules.

Information security

We keep your personal data secure with both physical and virtual access and login controls to avoid unauthorised access and loss of data. For example, data you give to us in our web portals are protected with industry-standard encryption during transfer.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Motitech is governed by Norwegian law. Any disputes must be handled by a Norwegian court in accordance with Norwegian law.


Motitech may amend the conditions for consent and privacy policy to remain in accordance with legislative requirements or because of changes in our own practices for the collection and processing of personal data. When amendments are made that require consent, you will specifically be asked to provide this.

Information relating to other changes will be provided on our web page.

Contact information

If you wish to gain insight into which data we have registered for you, perhaps for rectification or deletion, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information on We will be happy to help! Please be advised that we must be able to verify that we are being contacted by the correct person, before we are able to provide any information.