Physical Benefits

Increase in general state of health, mobility, reduced pains, and fewer falls are just some of the many benefits experienced by the users. This increase their physical wellbeing and strength to master everyday life.

Mental and Cognitive Benefits

Reminiscence, better self-efficacy, and reduction in anxiety and distress increase the general contentment and wellbeing among the users, empowering them to live fuller lives.

Social Benefits

An engaging social environment is key to living a good life. Social activity and connectedness also counteracts health decline in many ways. The inspiration seniors, staff and relatives experience from sharing memories and talking about what they see in the videos creates a social glue. People become friends over Motiview.

Thousands of videos.
Millions of memories.

By enabling seniors to watch videos of familiar roads and inspiring places far away while using an indoor exercise bike, Motiview helps seniors to be at their natural best.

Motiview is the motivational technology for increased physical, mental and social well-being and has been designed for an ageing population. The focus of the entire Motiview system is the users, and their experience when using it.

The technology visually and mentally stimulates older people and those living with dementia, which has proven to play a vital role in preventing injuries and promoting social connectedness. It allies the innovative use of technology to a sense of fun and increased self-efficacy with high quality bespoke adapted videos, co-designed by the care facilities, that evoke memories, provide an immersive experience and create a social norm for incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives.

Cherry Garth

BBC story: Reminiscing with Motiview 80 years on

In 1939, Harold (95) was on a school trip to Holyhead, Wales. BBC’s The One Show, took him back there with Motiview.



Shot of a senior woman patient sitting in a wheelchair at rehab with a supportive caregiver

Significant improvement in health: How Motiview helped my mother

Having 8 care homes taking part in a Sport England funded project, feedback from the homes saw benefits both on physical and mental health – as well as on social wellbeing. At one care home care staff receive a lovely email from one of our relatives telling how much her mother is benefiting from Motiview – what a lovely read to start the morning.

By increasing physical activity, reminiscence and social connectedness, we enrich the lives of older people and people with dementia.

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