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Increase the level of activity, without the use of extra personnel

Prevent falls

The physical activity Motiview provides, gives the users better balance and muscle strength, and can therefore reduce the frequency of falls.

Cost redution

By implementing Motiview in your care home, you actually get return on investment in other areas. Leading to a positive financial impact.

User friendly

Motiview is developed with the user experience in mind. Together with our customers, we ensure that every product improvement makes it easier to use.

Picture of Ann-Sophie Gustafsson

Without Motiview, we could never have carried out physical activity in the same way, without the use of more personnel resources

Ann-Sophie Gustafsson, Project manager, Karlstad municipality, Sweden

Motiview in Karlstad

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Area of use

Motiview is used in rehabilitation, for seniors living at home, in activity centres and in care homes

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Motiview worldwide

Motiview is in use in close to 1,000 locations across Asia, North America, Australia and Europe

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Training and inspiration

We offer free training sessions, inspiration sessions and support

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Return on investment

Care homes, activity or senior centers and home care services - both public and private - battle the global challenge regarding the growth in the aging population, in combination with an expected shortage of health-care professionals and resources in the care sector.

A Norwegian cost-benefit analysis suggests that each dollar Motiview costs, gains 4,7 dollars in avoided cost, time saved for the staff and increased quality of life for the end users.

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