Ferd invests in Motitech

Motitech is going internationally with Ferd Social Entrepreneurs on the team as an investor and scaling partner.

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- We must adopt new and innovative solutions to meet an aging population and the pressure on the resources of the welfare society. Today's welfare services for the elderly are to a large extend about care or activation through care. Motitech's solution helps the elderly to activate themselves and does not require additional staff at nursing homes and day care centres. We see great potential for scaling their solution, says Katinka Greve Leiner, director of Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (Ferd SE).

Scaling partner

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs supports social entrepreneurs with a combination of capital, expertise and networks. They get a share of approx. 20 % in Motitech.

- Motitech has clear social goals and a commercial business model. The changes we see at the Motiview-cyclists are incredibly moving and really something to bet on! We are stepping in with equity to help them scale and will connect our network and our resources in Ferd where relevant. We also join the company's board and will assist in building robust structures and management systems, says Count Leiner.