How Motiview helped a grandmother re-connect with her grandchildren

How Motiview helped a grandmother re-connect with her grandchildren

At a care home in Norway the residents were able to daily exercise and “travel” due to the Motiview video library. Residents often used to enjoy a selection of the local videos, cycling to the roads and streets where they went to school and where they had their memories from. But one day the care staff experienced something quite different.

From Norway to Singapore

A woman in her mid 70s, suffering from mild dementia, was pretty unexpectedly determined to watch a video from Singapore while she was cycling. The care staff couldn’t fully understand why, as far as they knew she had never been to Singapore and had no knowledge of her having any memories from there. But the woman was persistent. Being intrigued by her motivation to “travel”, the care staff found a video from Singapore within the global video Motiview library and the woman started cycling.

Straight after the session the woman instantly asked to make a long distance phone call, which she was helped to do. And she called her grand children.

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“I have now seen where you live”

As soon as the granddaughter picked up the phone, she stated; “I have now seen where you live”.

It turned out that her granddaughter and grandson had recently moved to Singapore, and typically when speaking to their grandmother, they wanted to share their experiences and stories from moving to a new place – a place far away from their hometown in Norway.

But their grandmother had never visited Singapore and had a hard time relating to the things they shared. Hence, it made it challenging for the grandchildren to share, and the woman felt that she wasn’t able to fully participate in their stories and conversations.

Felt re-connected

With the Motiview library and the video from Singapore she was able to “visit” where her grand kids now lived and . And they could all feel like they were actively part of the conversation about Singapore and what her grand kids where experiencing. Which increased the sensation of being more connected to her granddaughter and grandson.

And we need to remember; we never know where people find value in the ability to “travel” or visit places.

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