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Broadly used within aged care

Motiview is now being used at hundreds of locations in the UK, as well as in the Nordics, North America, Asia and Australia. The benefits have been documented through extensive use and several projects; Improved mobility; Fewer falls; Faster rehabilitation; Increased appetite; Reduced obesity; Reduction in aggressive behaviour and medication; Better sleep; Less pain; Improved physical, mental and social well-being; Inspiring for carers and family.

The Motiview concept is used in a variety of facilities. As of today, seniors living in long term care, residential care, assisted living houses, using adult day care centres, receiving home care or using their local leisure center are cycling to the global video library – getting healthier and more empowered each day.

The concept is developed so it can be tailored to each site, both in terms of set up and usage. And supporting the sites in successful implementation and usage is at the core of what we deliver.

Care Homes

Tailored support and training is provided to care home staff to ensure the confidence and capability to support the behaviour change of the residents. Working closely with the sites that start using Motiview is key for us, meaning that we offer training and support for free for all our user sites.

In addition we have a high focus on shared learning and inspirational initiatives across, to foster new ideas and building stronger alliances within the sector. Working closely with the sector and the people are still a core part of our mission, meaning both ensuring support and inspirational training around the use of Motiview for the sites, as well as transferring knowledge and insight from the sector when further developing the concept. Because we want to build and run a global community for our users, care providers, governmental bodies, and other partners who share in our vision of focusing on abilities instead of disabilities when it comes to ageing. And we are adamant to give more seniors the ability to partake in initiatives that foster mastery and self-efficacy, such as the Road Worlds for Seniors – even though they might live in a long term care facility.

Since Motiview first was developed based on our collaboration with the Agency of Nursing Homes in the city of Bergen, Norway in 2013, our mission has been to support seniors and care staff to enable more physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness.

Easy to use - High impact

The simple, but innovative use of technology to a sense of fun and increased self-efficacy with high-quality bespoke adapted videos, evoke memories, provide an immersive experience and create a social norm for incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives. This contributes significantly to the enjoyment and social aspects as the Motiview set up becomes the community hub with the senior cyclists sharing stories with each other about the area and music as they cycle through it. This appears to be providing some of the “social glue” and “stickiness” that ensures the cyclists continue physical activity week-on-week and that it’s not just an initial “novelty”.

Cherry Garth

Innovative technology made easy

Step 1

Easy access
Get your unique user and easily download the software on to a laptop

Step 2

Simply visualised
The laptop containing the system is connected to a TV or projector

Step 3

A bike of your choice
Use the displayed videos in combination with an exercise bike of your choice.

Step 4

Tailor and track progress
Explore and download videos amongst the thousands existing in the global video library

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